Core Return Procedure & Return Policy makes it FREE and EASY to return your Throttle Body core anywhere in the continental U.S. The remanufactured Throttle Body we ship you comes with a FREE UPS return shipping label. Simply place your old core in the box, adhere the shipping label, and give it to any UPS driver or place in UPS drop box. No long lines or paper work and it's FREE!

The core you return needs to be assembled, rebuild-able and the same model as the one we sent you. If the core you send is disassembled, different, has parts missing or damaged, you will be assessed a partial or full core charge. If you indicate that you will not return the core, you will be charged a core charge at time of order. If you indicate that you will return the core and Throttle Body Injection does not receive the core after fourteen days from delivery, you will be notified via phone or email before the core charge is billed to your credit card.

Some 2 barrel 454 CID TBI's and 2 barrel TBI's with governors have a core charge when purchasing. The core charge is refunded within a few days of us receiving the core.

Remanufactured throttle bodies are tested to OEM specifications the day of delivery to ensure little or no adjustments upon installation. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing your order and calibrating your throttle body.