1993-1995350 CID 5.7 Liter

The General Motors Rochester Throttle Body (TBI) is OEM original equipment. Each TBI comes complete with injectors, TPS, air control valve, and throttle body bushings. Every TBI will be Flow Bench tested, calibrated, and idle adjusted making it ready for easy installation.

To ensure the same OEM Throttle Body Injection (TBI) for the vehicle please enter all the required information about your TBI and vehicle in the text boxes below.

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Location of TBI Number
The yellow circle shows the location of your TBI number. Please list your TBI number to ensure you receive the exact TBI.
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Verification of Vacuum Line Configuration

The yellow circles below show the different vacuum tube configurations. Listed below are common TBI numbers for the T8-158. Please verify your vacuum tube configuration.

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3 Tubes Left(L)
3 Tubes Right(R)
*Vacuum Tube Configuration:
Linkage Type
Pictures below list TBI numbers for the most common Flat Linkage configuration, also shown is the picture for the Round Cable Linkage. Please verify your linkage type.
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Most Common
Flat Linkage
Round Cable Linkage
*Linkage Type:
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Additional Comments:
If your Throttle Body (TBI) has missing or broken injectors or core damage, please list damages in this box.
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I Accept Core Return Policy

We pay for you to return the old TBI core from anywhere in the continental United States. The TBI comes with a FREE UPS return shipping label. Repack your core in the box that your Throttle Body came in, adhere the UPS label, and give to any UPS driver or bring it to any UPS drop box.

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